Why Deal With Us

Why deal with NVL Leasing & Financing:

  • NVL Leasing & Financing has been providing superior service, and customized vehicle financing solutions since 1945.
  • Dealers and consumers alike are waking up to the “need for speed”. With NVL, credit decisions can be made in less than 60 seconds.
  • Credit applications and the whole paper flow process are online, easy and fast.
  • Direct Access to thousands of New & Used vehicles representing all makes & models.
  • Competitive residuals.
  • Products can be residualized over 96 months, down to $1.00.
  • NVL also leases used vehicles. A used vehicle will depreciate less, resulting in a more affordable lease payment.
  • Low kilometre leases are available on all new and used vehicles. This can make for a much smaller payment on a vehicle not used as frequently.
  • System-produced documentation provides for a fast & easy transaction.
  • Vehicles can be leased with zero dollars down by consumer depending on credit.
  • Simple end-of-lease process that provides advantages to all parties involved.
  • Independent inspections are done by a professional inspection company at the end-of-lease to protect both the customer and the dealer.
  • Full disclosure CLOSED END, “walk away” leases available. Customers do not have to risk the end value of a vehicle in uncertain times.
  • Customers can trade up anytime.
  • The lowered trade cycle and the manufacturer’s warranty allows the customer to drive inexpensively at all times.
  • Extensive dealer and consumer support infrastructure with toll-free access and experienced staff.
  • The customer or original dealer have the right to purchase the vehicle at term’s end before vehicle is remarketed.
  • Waiver of excess wear is available (Excess Wear Assurance). This unique NVL Leasing & Financing product provides consumers with a high level of protection up to $3,500.
  • Ability to transfer the lease to a third party.
NVL - Automotive Leasing and Financing